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Songs of Light and Dark: Poetic Meditations on the Self and Random Haikus by Yol Swan

Where Love Hides

Wilderness fire - where love hides

Love hides in the creases of anger and resentment,
as it clutches on to the illusion of its non-existence,
effacing and then redrawing the pain that it reluctantly mirrors,
in a self-defeating loop of fire and fuel.

I was willing to look at my own reflection,
but got lost in the self-image of past lovers and traitors,
unaware that I had allowed them to become a shadow of sorts
dragging me down the path of most resistance.

No, I did not know that love was hiding in all those places and faces
that I thought I had left behind.

But love hides everywhere.

Behind the grin of a sarcastic remark
and the sound of a fake laughter,
there is love pointing the way toward integrity
and honesty
and truth.

It also finds its way down under,
well inside your thoughts and judgments,
between the lines of the things you say,
the things you loathe,
and the things you condemn.

Dig deeper.

Inner Union

In the eternal ever changing wave of consciousness,

I pledge allegiance to my dreams

and aspirations—no matter how broken or out of use.

There is no regret and no judgment behind my words.

Not everybody needs a purpose to live by.

I do.

Awakening Afresh

Each day a new start,

Deleting the old patterns:

Renewing myself.

In Contemplation

Boat on a peaceful lake

Life looms in layers,
alternating joys and sadness
with the futility and purposeful intention
of a life well lived.

I do not claim to see the whole picture yet:
my time to reach higher heights
hasn’t arrived.

I simply watch
and feel
the lightness of being
in the moment;
minute after minute,
hour after hour,
accumulating as impending,
moving images on a film
of a life—I hope—worth living.

Goddess Hestia

Feminine Divine,

A white light gracefully still,

Yet also moving.


Time moves swiftly by.

Waves of memories and dust

Accompany me.


In the darkest time,

Discrimination is key,

And absolute trust.

New Moon

A dark super Moon:

Light hiding within my fears,

Welcoming the new.

Fall Equinox

Yin and yang of time.

The light and darkness within,

And also without.