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Lunar Eclipse

The Moon hides behind its mother,
concealing its luminous secrets,
like a kid with unspoken expectations,
feeling invisibly safe behind the shadow of its own dark side,
yet covertly hoping to be relieved from furtive and elusive desires.

Orbiting the night behind its earthly shield,
the darkened Moon shakes and prods me into new insights
with ruthless and unavoidable urgency.

A wild card ready to share its wildest dreams,
it marks the end of innocence by the painful awareness
of a sudden shift in the cosmic mysteries of life.

Puzzle pieces fall quietly from the sky,
forcing me to cross a bridge I did not recall building,
only to see it collapse behind each of my hesitant steps.

Feelings and fears and inner motivations crumble under the light
of an obscured destiny waiting for me
to unfold its wings openly, dauntlessly, lovingly.

There is nothing to do. No escape and no return.
I accept where life is taking me and discover
that the truth shines brighter at the peak of darkness.


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Black Swan

Purity is lost:

guilt predates the crime,

hiding in darkness.


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Spiral Galaxy

Matter collapses under its
relentless gravity,
then is pulled back together,
forming drifting clusters of stars
and a myriad galaxies.

The universe expands
from its explosive darkness
into infinity
with the same indifferent power
it designs emptiness and space.

There is really no need
to fill every breath,
every quiet moment,
every uncomfortable feeling
with the inexorable and tedious
chatter of the mind.

Insight appears when least expected,
if I just let things crumble
under their own weight,
and wait
and listen to the space they leave,
the unfathomable wisdom they shape
with the sound and depth of silence.

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Waves of Dark by Yol Swan

Darkness creeps in quietly,
like a swift, masterful thief,
resurrecting waves of pain
from unexpected places
and invisible wounds.

The present shifts into unpredictable
yet familiar ghosts
stuttering past hurts,
turning friends into enemies,
and dreams into hopelessness.

Deep secrets awaken
a recurring sense of disrepair
of promises half broken,
unrequited affections,
and deserted desires.

Wave upon wave, grief feeds
on the reflection
of its own shadow,
relentlessly seeking expectations
to bear more disappointment.

Yet from the gripping despair
of dark, empty memories
of past lifetimes and lifelines
emerges a liberating lightness
of being,
a peaceful flash of truth
whispering softly from within.
Let go.

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water tunnel grotto

In the depths of despair
I strive against my fate,
I squirm through open wounds,
present and past.

You hold me steady
while I stumble in the dark
of my own darkness.

Then crystalline tears
reveal the imminent truth
of your infinite love.

I surrender.

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