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Childbirth by Yol Swan

Embraced by the night
and warm water
surrounding your body
and mine,
you pushed through flesh and blood
to catch your first breath
before my eyes.

I welcomed pain as unavoidable,
became a witness
to my instincts,
and watched my body do
what it was meant to do
even without me.

I chanted for you
and for me,
gave my blood and breath
with no reserve,
and delved into a deep
and sacred space within me
to be divinely touched
by your arrival.

You emerged swiftly,
like a little mermaid
awakening from the slumber
and quietude of a dream world,
smiling into my arms
and your father’s,
and filling the room
with light.

I had been waiting for you
for so long,
without even knowing it,
yearning for this sense of purpose,
this unfathomable love,
completely unaware of how
and humbling
the experience would be.

To Shanti


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Seagull over water

Wake me from the dream,
this fiction of reality,
this truthless sense of being.

Lift my heart’s veil,
unravel all the fears
that taunt and torment me,
the unspoken beliefs
that keep me from being me.

Light the flame of my soul,
kindle my eyes with your touch,
and set me free.

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Sunset by the Sea

Yes, I have seen other worlds

in the green of the forest

and the red of a flower.

I have traveled the dimensions of time immemorial

and found myself dreaming

a dream within a dream.

I have colored the sky

with the bluish purple and the golden orange

of my relentless search

for peace.

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