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Inner Union

In the eternal ever changing wave of consciousness,

I pledge allegiance to my dreams

and aspirations—no matter how broken or out of use.

There is no regret and no judgment behind my words.

Not everybody needs a purpose to live by.

I do.


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Autralian mountains

The breath of the universe
speaks softly,
like an ethereal whisper,
pushing me to look within,
to face the dark with light
and the light with open arms.

Its gentle touch moves me,
like a divine breeze,
toward the stillness
from which silent dreams emerge,
a quiet, empty space
of solitude and peace.

I embrace the unknown
The present designs its purpose
with deceitful resolution.
I can only guess where life
and love will take me,
but I am prayerful
and irreverently ready.

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Spiral of Time

Lotus Mudra @ Yol Swan

The spiral of time has caught up with me once more.

There is no escape. No exit in sight.

I surrender to the shadows of my past

and let love and fear flow freely.

There is nothing to hold on to.

Only the dream.

But dreams are made of more dreams

and more shadows.

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