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Fiery nature

purifies passions and flames

with enduring faith.


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Anandamayi Ma's Hands

You came into my life
when I most needed you,
unraveled my fears, my doubts,
my weak and childish mind,
and embraced me in your silence.

I kneeled, vulnerable and meek,
praying for your divine glance,
for a redeeming smile,
for a blessing, or a praise.

You held me close,
gave me a taste of bliss,
then sent me away
to find you everywhere.

No, you never left me,
neither did I leave you.
You have always been with me,
guiding my every thought
and whispering through my voice.

You’ve taken so many forms,
some of love and some of pain,
even those of my worst enemies.
You’ve been the truth,
the light disguised in darkness,
and the unshakable faith
emerging from my hopelessness.

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View of the Himalayas

The Gateless Gates are open.

The cosmic play ebbs and flows. Endlessly.

The light shines through. Effortlessly.

Yet I push and I pull. And I push again. Then I pull some more.


You draw me back. You bend me soft. Faithfully. Lovingly.

And I find the way home

from within.

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