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Watching a couple of trees

Life prompts my fears,
finds my weak points.
I choose to follow the path
of least resistance, alone,
allowing it to bend me
over and backward,
like a shoot of grass.
It is less painful this way.

The heart has reasons
beyond my comprehension.
I do not question them,
I simply let them surface
on their terms,
in their time,
and explore their territory,
like a stranger on a strange land.

Even the all too familiar bears
surprising and new depths
of perception, of insight,
of the intriguing experience
of just being in the moment.


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Lightning and heavy sky

I did not heed the warnings, the signs
of change and dissolution around me.
I did not allow myself to see the storm
coming my way.

As I delve in the thunder in my heart
I can touch its softness, feel its pulse.
Pain makes all inner walls crumble,
hopes and pride disintegrate,
liberating me from the weight of my self-created image.

There is yet so much more love to find,
so much more light to cast on the shadows
left by illusions and wounds, present and past,
so much otherness to discover
in my projection of the other.

There is yet a whole universe inside
to reveal the sense and purpose of it all,
with the transforming wisdom of compassion,
breathing in the sadness of the world
and breathing out its quiet healing.

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