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Narcissus wonders:

Is this about you or me?

Love is so fragile.


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I Am That

Tree under clouds and sunbeams

I am the pulse of existence,
the space between your thoughts,
and the spark of your desires.

I am the source of life and death,
the everything and the nothing,
all happiness and all sorrow.

I am mountains and rivers,
creatures and creators,
planets and galaxies,
and beyond.

I am the power of eternal love,
the magnificent light
behind the veil of illusion,
and the illusion itself.

I am you, if you could see me,
flowing through your mind,
making your every move,
whispering in your heart.

I am that, and you are
that which I am, too,
unaware of the worlds
you create and destroy
with every single thought.

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Old drifwood and plant sprouting

Time is an illusion,
an idea trapped in the web
of conceptual tangles
and ephemeral lifelines,
a treacherous thief
attempting to deceive the infinite.

Yet time is weighing on me,
crawling on behind me
with attachments and regrets
spiraling from the past,
bearing down on my aging bones.

I feel the pull
of dragging, dark, hopeless fears,
and too familiar scars creeping in,
on the layers of this moment,
like distant yet resonant waves
orchestrating an ocean
of wrong perceptions.

Yesterday does not exist.
There is nowhere for me to go
save forward,
past the delusion of time
and the tempting decoys
of my emotional maze,
into the heartening uncertainty
of what awaits beyond.

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Mountains reflecting on water

I have finally found you…
You were there since the birth of eternity. And before then.
I could not see you sooner
through the illusion of this mirror
I call I.

But you were always there. Watching.
Waiting. Whispering.
So near yet so far.

Through the cracks in the mirror
now I see your reflection.
Glimpses of truth emerge from your stillness,
from my silence.

The staggering awareness
of your infinite presence
penetrates and unravels
my existence.

So I watch you watch me
through the mirror,
transfixed and transformed.

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