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Aging Gracefully

Nature slows us down

to foster meditation

on all things divine.



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Buddha Statue - Thailand

Dawn breaks the painful,
restless black of deep night,
with its swift clarity
of purpose.

Rice fields emerge through the window,
beautiful and undisturbed,
as the sky shifts its brush strokes
from a myriad shades of purple
to a light blue and pink haze.
I hear birds chirping.

Sunrise warms up another endless
sleepless night
struggling with the resistance
to my own demons,
then battling the demons, too,
trying to stay awake and attentive.

Women with pointy stray hats
appear from out of nowhere,
bending over to harvest the rice,
allowing the rising sun to hit
their backs, their withered hands.

I bend over in prostration,
grateful for a brand new day,
keeping my focus on the feeling
and the insights it brings,
secretly waiting for the nuns
to announce breakfast.
Acknowledge the pain on the knees.
Breathe in.

My eyes are tired, my tears dry,
my legs hurt.
Yet I savor the moment, the view,
and embrace it all,
the light, the pain, the unknown to come.
Acknowledge the fear, the hope.
Breathe out.

In this empty room,
filled only with my nightly ghosts,
mental constructions,
and meditations,
in this golden land of magical
and unexpected discoveries,
I recover the sense of who
I really am.

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