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I think it is time for all of us to take a moment to think about our planet, which is in great need of prayers and positive energy, if we are to survive on it… I love Arvo Pärt’s music, and this video was sent to me by a good friend on my birthday. I believe that “Spiegel im spiegel” can be translated as “Mirror in the mirror,” and that in itself speaks tons to me…

I trust Mother Earth has a plan of her own, but she still needs our energetic support. Enjoy the music, the images, and send much love and blessings to this beautiful planet!


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Mountains reflecting on water

I have finally found you…
You were there since the birth of eternity. And before then.
I could not see you sooner
through the illusion of this mirror
I call I.

But you were always there. Watching.
Waiting. Whispering.
So near yet so far.

Through the cracks in the mirror
now I see your reflection.
Glimpses of truth emerge from your stillness,
from my silence.

The staggering awareness
of your infinite presence
penetrates and unravels
my existence.

So I watch you watch me
through the mirror,
transfixed and transformed.

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