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At the Beach

Birds flying over the sea

The sun sets in the distance,
as the breeze caresses my skin,
and the ocean orchestrates
an ethereal symphony of water.

The clouds shape the face of an angel
watching me with a smile
and slowly fading away
into a remote, lighter region.

Absorbed and abstracted
by the beauty and roaring
of the waves, people walk by
without looking at each other.

Seagulls and white pelicans
swiftly glide in circles,
looking for a potential prey
or any food left on the sand.

Undisturbed by the brightness
of the sun’s sharp reflection,
a few children frolic and laugh,
allowing the waves to pull
and push their shiny bodies,
and splash their bellies.

Sun, ocean, and wind
slowly penetrate my perception,
lulling me into a hypnotic state
where I cannot hear me thinking,
nor do I want to,
and my mind is completely clear.


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Water Butterfly photo collage

Tell me, dear friend,
my partner, my lover,
when did you touch the sky
to draw birds with your eyes
and let the moon cast shadows
to delineate your smile?

When was the last time
you danced with the mountains,
walked on the clouds,
and followed a rainbow?

Tell me, my dear,
how far did you go
to catch a glimpse of truth
and steal the ocean blue
that I see in your eyes?

Did you pray for a signal
or a whisper divine?
Did you trade with the sea
all the waves in your mind?

Did you ache? Did you cry?
Did you sing to the shadows
you were leaving behind?

Do tell, my dearest,
are you ready to join me
on a trip to the stars?

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