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Seagull over water

Wake me from the dream,
this fiction of reality,
this truthless sense of being.

Lift my heart’s veil,
unravel all the fears
that taunt and torment me,
the unspoken beliefs
that keep me from being me.

Light the flame of my soul,
kindle my eyes with your touch,
and set me free.


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Water Crashing Against Building

In the heart of experience

I have found you.

I have used you. And abused you.

I have pierced through the colors of transparency

and touched a glimpse of my reality.

You have been there for me since forever.

Now I am here for you.

Use me. Abuse me. Crack me. Bend me.

Empty my cup. Then destroy the cup, too.

I’ve been craving this moment with you

since forever.

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