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Spiral Galaxy

Matter collapses under its
relentless gravity,
then is pulled back together,
forming drifting clusters of stars
and a myriad galaxies.

The universe expands
from its explosive darkness
into infinity
with the same indifferent power
it designs emptiness and space.

There is really no need
to fill every breath,
every quiet moment,
every uncomfortable feeling
with the inexorable and tedious
chatter of the mind.

Insight appears when least expected,
if I just let things crumble
under their own weight,
and wait
and listen to the space they leave,
the unfathomable wisdom they shape
with the sound and depth of silence.


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The Mother

The Mother and the Sea

I witness your light,
your infinite smile
sheltering all creatures.

Your eyes color the universe,
illuminating the world
with order and chaos.

Where there is love,
there is no effort,
and silence happens on its own.

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Anandamayi Ma's Hands

You came into my life
when I most needed you,
unraveled my fears, my doubts,
my weak and childish mind,
and embraced me in your silence.

I kneeled, vulnerable and meek,
praying for your divine glance,
for a redeeming smile,
for a blessing, or a praise.

You held me close,
gave me a taste of bliss,
then sent me away
to find you everywhere.

No, you never left me,
neither did I leave you.
You have always been with me,
guiding my every thought
and whispering through my voice.

You’ve taken so many forms,
some of love and some of pain,
even those of my worst enemies.
You’ve been the truth,
the light disguised in darkness,
and the unshakable faith
emerging from my hopelessness.

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Love Awaits

leaf under blue water

Love awaits
in every corner,
at every turn.

In the bright warmth of the sun
and the unfathomed blue of the ocean.

In the inquisitive poetry of words
and the gentle intensity of silence.

Through the spiraling echoes of time
and the ethereal compass of sound.

Love awaits,

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