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Dancing girl in courtyard
Life is a dance
between a beating heart’s desire
and the inevitable,
encounter with fate.

It moves and turns,
with graceful detachment,
around everything that is
and every other possibility
of being.

Shattering illusions and hopes alike,
it orchestrates circumstances,
incidents, and miracles
with unrelenting synchronicity
and purposeful rhythm.

The ballroom shifts,
the partners change,
and astounding choreographies
appear from out of nowhere.
But the music of my soul
remains the same.


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Seagull over water

Wake me from the dream,
this fiction of reality,
this truthless sense of being.

Lift my heart’s veil,
unravel all the fears
that taunt and torment me,
the unspoken beliefs
that keep me from being me.

Light the flame of my soul,
kindle my eyes with your touch,
and set me free.

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