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Time moves swiftly by.

Waves of memories and dust

Accompany me.


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Time and space aren’t real;
Create and recreate life:
Choose wisely and smile.

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Old drifwood and plant sprouting

Time is an illusion,
an idea trapped in the web
of conceptual tangles
and ephemeral lifelines,
a treacherous thief
attempting to deceive the infinite.

Yet time is weighing on me,
crawling on behind me
with attachments and regrets
spiraling from the past,
bearing down on my aging bones.

I feel the pull
of dragging, dark, hopeless fears,
and too familiar scars creeping in,
on the layers of this moment,
like distant yet resonant waves
orchestrating an ocean
of wrong perceptions.

Yesterday does not exist.
There is nowhere for me to go
save forward,
past the delusion of time
and the tempting decoys
of my emotional maze,
into the heartening uncertainty
of what awaits beyond.

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Spiral of Time

Lotus Mudra @ Yol Swan

The spiral of time has caught up with me once more.

There is no escape. No exit in sight.

I surrender to the shadows of my past

and let love and fear flow freely.

There is nothing to hold on to.

Only the dream.

But dreams are made of more dreams

and more shadows.

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