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Lunar Eclipse

The Moon hides behind its mother,
concealing its luminous secrets,
like a kid with unspoken expectations,
feeling invisibly safe behind the shadow of its own dark side,
yet covertly hoping to be relieved from furtive and elusive desires.

Orbiting the night behind its earthly shield,
the darkened Moon shakes and prods me into new insights
with ruthless and unavoidable urgency.

A wild card ready to share its wildest dreams,
it marks the end of innocence by the painful awareness
of a sudden shift in the cosmic mysteries of life.

Puzzle pieces fall quietly from the sky,
forcing me to cross a bridge I did not recall building,
only to see it collapse behind each of my hesitant steps.

Feelings and fears and inner motivations crumble under the light
of an obscured destiny waiting for me
to unfold its wings openly, dauntlessly, lovingly.

There is nothing to do. No escape and no return.
I accept where life is taking me and discover
that the truth shines brighter at the peak of darkness.


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Blue sky by the lake surrounded by mountains NZ

You are everywhere
and nowhere to be found.
You are with no beginning
and no end, infinite
and beyond infinite.

You are everything
and nothing,
with and without form,
the illusion and the truth
of all that has ever been,
and beyond the truth as well.

You are here and there,
you are now and beyond time,
untouched and untouchable,
yet in all living beings
and in the black pain of death.

You are the light, the hope,
the spirit of it all,
the laughter and the silence
of innocence and love.

You are the heart of darkness
and the sadness in the world,
the suffering and salvation
of sins that were never yours.

You are the demon and the angel,
the tyrant and the prisoner,
the prayer and the saint,
the curse and the miracle
of life.

You are endless
and beyond endless,
the master behind all power
and the humblest of slaves.

You are eternally beyond
all names, shapes, and colors,
within the ether of space
and the brightness of light,
invisible and ever present,
beyond eternity itself.

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Anandamayi Ma's Hands

You came into my life
when I most needed you,
unraveled my fears, my doubts,
my weak and childish mind,
and embraced me in your silence.

I kneeled, vulnerable and meek,
praying for your divine glance,
for a redeeming smile,
for a blessing, or a praise.

You held me close,
gave me a taste of bliss,
then sent me away
to find you everywhere.

No, you never left me,
neither did I leave you.
You have always been with me,
guiding my every thought
and whispering through my voice.

You’ve taken so many forms,
some of love and some of pain,
even those of my worst enemies.
You’ve been the truth,
the light disguised in darkness,
and the unshakable faith
emerging from my hopelessness.

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water tunnel grotto

In the depths of despair
I strive against my fate,
I squirm through open wounds,
present and past.

You hold me steady
while I stumble in the dark
of my own darkness.

Then crystalline tears
reveal the imminent truth
of your infinite love.

I surrender.

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Water Butterfly photo collage

Tell me, dear friend,
my partner, my lover,
when did you touch the sky
to draw birds with your eyes
and let the moon cast shadows
to delineate your smile?

When was the last time
you danced with the mountains,
walked on the clouds,
and followed a rainbow?

Tell me, my dear,
how far did you go
to catch a glimpse of truth
and steal the ocean blue
that I see in your eyes?

Did you pray for a signal
or a whisper divine?
Did you trade with the sea
all the waves in your mind?

Did you ache? Did you cry?
Did you sing to the shadows
you were leaving behind?

Do tell, my dearest,
are you ready to join me
on a trip to the stars?

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