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Cosmic energy,

a reflection from within

as well as without.


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Spiral Galaxy

Matter collapses under its
relentless gravity,
then is pulled back together,
forming drifting clusters of stars
and a myriad galaxies.

The universe expands
from its explosive darkness
into infinity
with the same indifferent power
it designs emptiness and space.

There is really no need
to fill every breath,
every quiet moment,
every uncomfortable feeling
with the inexorable and tedious
chatter of the mind.

Insight appears when least expected,
if I just let things crumble
under their own weight,
and wait
and listen to the space they leave,
the unfathomable wisdom they shape
with the sound and depth of silence.

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Autralian mountains

The breath of the universe
speaks softly,
like an ethereal whisper,
pushing me to look within,
to face the dark with light
and the light with open arms.

Its gentle touch moves me,
like a divine breeze,
toward the stillness
from which silent dreams emerge,
a quiet, empty space
of solitude and peace.

I embrace the unknown
The present designs its purpose
with deceitful resolution.
I can only guess where life
and love will take me,
but I am prayerful
and irreverently ready.

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Mountain view with creek

A bird calls and sings
to the sky and the wind.
Its music makes the universe smile.

The wind flirts and frolics
with the rustling leaves.
Its dance makes the universe smile.

A mountain abides undisturbed
in its quiet serenity,
beautiful for no one to see.
Its stillness is the universe smiling.

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