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A Walk In the Woods

Forest shot

The trees shape a lush canopy,
a secret passage into a magic world
of mixed browns and greens,
and the silence of lizards.

The leaves rustle behind me
like mischievous little ghosts
uttering soft whispers
and hiding when I look back.

Ever ready to disappear,
a deer watches at a distance
with deep, loving eyes
and nervous curiosity.

The unraveling exuberance
of nature embraces my body
as I touch the heavy breeze,
and moist and sweat cling to my skin.

Oaks and cedars, birches and firs
share their renewing breath,
while blooming magnolias wrap
their fragrant and colorful elegance
around me.

I feel the pulse of the earth,
like a slithering swell of life,
transmuting my every care
into the quiet and joyful awareness
of infinite peace within.


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View of the Himalayas

The Gateless Gates are open.

The cosmic play ebbs and flows. Endlessly.

The light shines through. Effortlessly.

Yet I push and I pull. And I push again. Then I pull some more.


You draw me back. You bend me soft. Faithfully. Lovingly.

And I find the way home

from within.

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