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Autumn Leaves

The wind sweeps the reds,
browns, and golds of leaves
off the ground,
in playful spirals of color and dust.

They turn and twirl,
quietly accumulating
in dark corners and crooks,
then resurfacing, unannounced,
like emotional wounds
unsuspectedly startled
from comfortable, forgotten places.

Rusty feelings of hope and fear
awaken the pain of separation,
of broken illusions,
of desire and rejection,
of past tears and hurts hiding
in the lonely corners of the heart.

Autumn is a beautiful reminder
that life is but impermanence
and change,
heading into the stillness
of winter’s imminent death.


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Waves of Dark by Yol Swan

Darkness creeps in quietly,
like a swift, masterful thief,
resurrecting waves of pain
from unexpected places
and invisible wounds.

The present shifts into unpredictable
yet familiar ghosts
stuttering past hurts,
turning friends into enemies,
and dreams into hopelessness.

Deep secrets awaken
a recurring sense of disrepair
of promises half broken,
unrequited affections,
and deserted desires.

Wave upon wave, grief feeds
on the reflection
of its own shadow,
relentlessly seeking expectations
to bear more disappointment.

Yet from the gripping despair
of dark, empty memories
of past lifetimes and lifelines
emerges a liberating lightness
of being,
a peaceful flash of truth
whispering softly from within.
Let go.

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