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Water Butterfly photo collage

Tell me, dear friend,
my partner, my lover,
when did you touch the sky
to draw birds with your eyes
and let the moon cast shadows
to delineate your smile?

When was the last time
you danced with the mountains,
walked on the clouds,
and followed a rainbow?

Tell me, my dear,
how far did you go
to catch a glimpse of truth
and steal the ocean blue
that I see in your eyes?

Did you pray for a signal
or a whisper divine?
Did you trade with the sea
all the waves in your mind?

Did you ache? Did you cry?
Did you sing to the shadows
you were leaving behind?

Do tell, my dearest,
are you ready to join me
on a trip to the stars?


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Spiral of Time

Lotus Mudra @ Yol Swan

The spiral of time has caught up with me once more.

There is no escape. No exit in sight.

I surrender to the shadows of my past

and let love and fear flow freely.

There is nothing to hold on to.

Only the dream.

But dreams are made of more dreams

and more shadows.

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